High Adventure

Outdoor/high adventure is the largest and fastest growing interest in the Boy Scouts of America. We have some exciting programs to include in your Scouting High Adventure. You should consider scheduling a troop backpacking trip each year, and frequently send crews to the BSA National High Adventure Base or a Council base near you.

A Venture patrol is an optional patrol within the troop made up of Scouts age 13 and older. These troop members have the maturity and experience to take part in more challenging high-adventure outings. The Venture patrol elects a patrol leader, who works with an assistant Scoutmaster to put the patrol's plans into action.

The Venture Patrol membership may be used for planning and conducting these high adventure outings, and does not change the existing patrol structure.  Only those who have completed a Scout-organized and led Venture outing are entitled to wear the Venture strip above their right pocket.  Older Scout patrols may also elect to use the Venture program resources to organize a patrol member outing.

You can also find out more about the co-ed Venturing program from the National BSA.

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