Cub Scout Day Camps

Cub Scout and Twilight Day Camp

Enjoy all the fun of Cub Scouting at Day Camp! This multi-day program of activities provides fun and new experiences for the Cub Scouts. Day Camp provides Cub Scouts an opportunity to learn outdoor skills in a fun environment. Programs are designed for the Cub Scout’s age level. The daily program is centered on Cub Scout Achievements and Electives as they relate to the outdoors.

Who Can Attend?

Cub Scout Day Camp is for Scouts going into the 1st thru 5th grades in the fall.

Dates & Locations

Each District schedules Cub Scout Day Camp, usually in June or July.

How to Register

Detailed registration information is usually available by April.  Work with your Pack’s Camping Coordinator to register your son for the Day Camp of his choice. Fill out the Individual Boy Signup Form completely and attach the Class 1 Medical form.  Be sure to sign all authorizations.

Turn in the registration form and fees to your Pack Camping Coordinator.  Your Pack’s Camping Coordinator will collect all forms and fees for the pack and turn them into the Council together. The Pack must register as a unit for Day Camp.

Parent Participation

Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Committee Members and all parents are invited to participate as leaders. This is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your son, whether it is for one or two days or for the whole week. Come and have fun and see the Scout program in action!


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