March 1, 2012        

Scouts and Scouters,

Welcome to the 2012 edition of the Ini-To Lodge “Where To Go Camping Guide.”  The Order of the Arrow seeks to “promote Scout camping” and “develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit”  This guide supports those purposes to a “T”.

The guide is designed to assist both novice and experienced Scouts and Scouters plan for a successful outing.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, keep looking, or ask a lodge member for some help.  There is contact information elsewhere in this guide.

Here’s a special invitation to Novice campers.  We want to help you get a strong camping program going in your troop.  This guide, along with the Scout handbook and the Scoutmaster’s handbook should help a lot.  But sometimes you need “a little extra” information or encouragement.  Here’s where we come in.  Contact the Chapter Adviser for your district; they know the resources, and they will share them.  You can find them under “CHAPTERS” on the web site.

There is a special section on the Gerald I Lawhorn Scouting Base and the Pine Mountain Backcountry.  We’d like to invite all scouts from all over to attend our fantastic camps.  Check it out.  You’ll find the quality and variety of new facilities and programs hard to beat.

Help us improve our guide and make it more useful.  If you have a correction, a new camping location to share, your suggestions are most welcomed.

And remember, “Scouting is three quarters  -outing.”

In Service,

Brothers of the Ini-To Lodge

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