National Trail Day 2012

Ini-To Lodge #324 Order of the Arrow to Host

2nd Pine Mountain Backcountry Trail Day on May 12th


You can read about this year's accomplishments in the event report.

On May 12, 2012, Ini-To Lodge #324 Order of the Arrow will host the second Pine Mountain Backcountry Trail Day in celebration of American Hiking Society’s 20th annual National Trails Day.  The event will be held starting from the Family Pavilion at the Flint River Adventure Area, Gerald I Lawhorn Scouting Base, 1166 Dripping Rock Road, Molena, GA from 8am to 3pm. 

Volunteering is open to all adults and children accompanying their parents or Scout leaders.  Guide to Safe Scouting rules including Youth Protection Guidelines apply to all participants.   Volunteers will sign a hold-harmless agreement and are requested to pre-register at  or at our PMBC Facebook page.

Trail Volunteers may hike or mountain bike on the newly established Pine Mountain Backcountry trail system to help clear fallen debris, smooth out trail ruts, paint trail blazes and enjoy the beauty of Moss Falls and the Flint River. T.R.A.I.L. Boss volunteers will guide all trail projects. Opportunities are also available for troops/crew to clear backcountry campsites, and community naturalists to support biological surveys. 

Volunteers should bring their own trail tools such as rakes, shovels, hand saws, chain saws and gloves. Paint kits for trail blazing will be provided.  Don't leave for a backcountry adventure without these basic items. THE 10 ESSENTIALS are items every outdoor adventurer should include in his or her pack, along with wearing suitable clothing.  Food and drinks are not provided at this event.  


1.  Pocketknife or multipurpose tool.

2.  First-aid kit.

3.  Extra clothing.

4.  Flashlight with extra batteries.

5.  Rain gear.

6.  Water bottle.

7.  Map, compass/GPS.

8.  Matches and fire starter.

9.  Sun protection and sunglasses.

10. Trail food.

American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day (NTD), an annual trail awareness program, is an opportunity to celebrate the 200,000+ miles of outdoor trails in our county.  Take part in an effort to promote healthy living, protect green space, educate adults and youth on the importance of trails, and instill excitement for the outdoors. For more information about the National Trail Day movement or to plan your support to other NTD events, visit

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