T.R.A.I.L. Boss Program

Purpose:  Maintain a Flint River Council BSA membership registration and participation system for adult volunteers to support the Gerald I. Lawhorn Scouting Base and the Pine Mountain Backcountry (PMBC).  


This system promotes the recreational sports of mountain biking and hiking and implements the Conservation USA and the Teaching Resources and Individual Leadership (T.R.A.I.L.) Boss program.


The T.R.A.I.L. Boss Program:

Key Links:

         Private Group: Subscribe by request to the coordinator, who 

         also maintains the Public group 


Upcoming Events:

February 25th - Trail Ride:    Meet at the Camp Thunder/Howard Lodge Parking Lot - 8am


March 3 - Long Branch Trail Clearing & Shelter Site Prep - 9am start.  Meet at the back gate on Thundering Springs Road.  Chain saw(s), hand saws and leaf blowers needed to clear years of accumulated debris.


Trail Service Day (TBA)   We will schedule several during the Winter and Spring


May 12th - 2012 National Trail Day - [See NTD Page]


Supporting Documents

Trail Map


PMBC Mountain

Bike Guide

Tread Lightly!

Mountain Bikes

Trail Projects


Trail Sign

Marking System

Ladder Bridge

Construction Plan

T.R.A.I.L. Boss Manual

IMBA Trail Difficulty Ratings and Signs
IMBA Trail Building Basics
Building sustainable trails: key design elements
NPS Guide to Sustainable Mountain Trails
Crib Walls For Mountain Bike Trails
Mountain Bike Accessories for Trail Work



Conservation USA





The T.R.A.I.L. Boss manual was developed to teach specialized skills for volunteer crews involved in conservation projects. 






The mission of Conservation USA  is to teach volunteer leaders specialized skills for training and leading volunteer crews to carry out conservation projects resulting in education and greater stewardship of natural and cultural resources.  

Conservation USA is envisioned to be a partnership of natural resource and land management governmental agencies and environmental, senior, and national youth organizations.  BSA is a partner member.


Brotherhood of Cheerful ServiceBrotherhood of Cheerful ServiceBrotherhood of Cheerful Service

The Flint River Council

Ini-To Lodge is composed of Order of the Arrow members who are registered

Scouts and Scouters in the Flint River Council.

We are located in central Georgia with our council office in Griffin.